Construction company
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A quality brand guaranteed by a long experience of over 50 years and by the entrepreneurial spirit of a family that has always dedicated itself with commitment and dedication to the construction sector.

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Meraviglia Spa
Meraviglia Spa
Meraviglia Spa
Meraviglia Spa
Meraviglia Spa

Driven by his passion for building, in the 1960s, Mario Meraviglia went to Switzerland to learn the art of construction.

He returned to Italy with a highly qualified professionalism acquired during the years of experience and began to operate in Valtellina, demonstrating a high entrepreneurial spirit and quickly acquiring important orders from credit institutions and hoteliers.

The commitment and the high quality of the works carried out are rewarded and soon the company expands to become one of the largest companies in the valley and in the Swiss market with the commission of important works including dams, schools and cable cars.

Mario Meraviglia passes on to his children Sergio, Bruno, Paola and Mauro, the passion for building and the principles on which he based both work and personal life: honesty, sense of duty and fairness.


In the 90s, the company also successfully entered the real estate market by starting to build and sell new residences.

Thus began a rapid growth that in 2000 allowed the Meraviglia brand to transform into a joint stock company. Meraviglia Spa, now led by Mario Meraviglia’s children, becomes a point of reference in the area for those who need new buildings and renovations in all construction sectors.

Meraviglia Spa

Far-sighted and courageous, in the early 2000s the company already believed in the concept of eco-sustainable houses building low-energy housing with zero impact on the environment.

All this is achieved through the use of eco-sustainable materials, high-performance and innovative systems and maximum thermal insulation. Details that became mandatory by law in 2009 with the obligation of Energy Class for new buildings.

In 2007 Meraviglia became the first company in Italy to build zero-impact houses in collaboration with an important international partner, thanks to the offsetting of the carbon dioxide produced by houses through reforestation in Italy and around the world.

In 2000, the company reached other important milestones that contributed to the current success:

  • SOA certification for public contracts with unlimited amounts;
  • the opening of the new and still current headquarters of the company: a structure of over 4.000 sqm with executive, administrative and technical offices, as well as warehouses and a car park.

Meraviglia offers its know-how and experience of over 50 years for the construction of eco-sustainable buildings, in the recovery of historic buildings, for which it has extensive experience over the years and for the construction of public and private infrastructures.

Meraviglia operates in all construction areas: residential, industrial, commercial, school, hospital, sports, religious, hotel tourism sectors for public and private customers.

To date, Meraviglia has built over 3000 homes and hundreds of commercial and industrial properties.

General Contractor

Meraviglia is able to develop projects in all construction sectors, guaranteeing a complete assistance and quality service, thanks to the coordination of all the professionals necessary for the realization of each order, from engineers and architects for the design, from construction site workers, from craftsmen for finishes to marketing.

Properties for rent and sale

Meraviglia offers quality properties for sale and for rent, putting the experience and knowledge of its team of real estate experts at the service of customers.

Meraviglia S.P.A.

Construction company
& real estate